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Digital innovation at Avonline Networks enhances customer satisfaction 3rd March 2022

Avonline Networks, working with the wider M Group Services Telecom Division, has successfully designed and implemented an innovative work management app.

Avonline’s work management app was designed in-house and built with the bespoke purpose of supporting our people’s delivery of the Virgin Media Morpheus contract.

The app allows our engineers to see all the work allocated to them, both completed and upcoming jobs, which provides a clear view of their work. The engineer can then view each job on the app, entering specific information through a Q&A which can guide them through any possible issues or challenges.

This information is then relayed to the back-office staff, giving them a real-time understanding of the progress of works. This clear and efficient flow of information allows the back-office teams to plan works far more easily.

A core benefit of the app is that it streamlines and speeds up potential re-visits to customers’ properties. The app asks our engineers very specific questions about the need for a re-visit, ensuring that the majority of planning works is done before they leave. This synergy between engineers and back-office staff enables a far more efficient process which significantly reduces delays for our people and customers, and also means fewer return visits, which results in less vehicle miles on the road therefore saving on CO2 emissions.

As well as supporting our people in the delivery of their roles, the app has also successfully been used to support the onboarding and induction of new team members, giving them the tools and skills they need to deliver customer requirements.

M Group Services and its operating businesses are continuously researching and exploring how digital technologies can enhance and support our people’s delivery of client and customer needs. Avonline’s use of this innovative app is an outstanding example of our people’s ingenuity and expertise and has been incredibly useful in the delivery of the Morpheus contract so far.

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