About us

Avonline Networks are turnkey specialists in building the high-quality communication networks that connect millions of properties across the UK.


Avonline deliver service excellence on a nationwide basis. From the national fibre networks which millions of homes and businesses rely upon every day, to the infrastructure that delivers the latest technology to Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU's) across the UK.

Avonline provide installation and maintenance of infrastructure to MDU's across the UK for public sector, social housing and private landlords, which include the latest technology, FTTP and IRS.






Offering a well developed operational structure, refined to build high quality fibre, copper and coaxial networks, as well as state-of-the-art superfast fibre broadband networks. Avonline brings fibre delivery directly to the home.

With highly-skilled resource and several decades of delivery experience Avonline are abreast of the latest technologies in order to deliver the best solution for their clients.

Having supplied over 2.5 million man-days into the field, we understand how teamwork, structure and communications are vital to achieve consistently great delivery. Working with Avonline means integrating the experience of over 25 years designing, building and maintaining fibre networks straight into your project team.